• We can provide trained staffing of your facility’s building automation center for a few hours per day to as much as 24-hour coverage, 7 days a week.
  • We can train our personnel on your procedures or develop procedures for you.
  • We can provide the level of expertise needed to manage your critical plant systems in regulated and unregulated environments.
  • We can provide the solutions needed to streamline your building alarm monitoring operations. Our solutions will ensure consistent reporting of events to a managed list of end users that need to be notified.
  • We will provide solutions to minimize nuisance alarms by analyzing your systems’ alarm settings and making suggestions based on real world expectations to increase alarm efficiencies.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you gain control and maintain your facility’s alarm monitoring and reporting system.



  • Provide barcoded inspection services of your compliance regulated safety equipment and prove to your local code officials your equipment is inspected per the codes locally enforced.
  • The types of equipment we can manage with our barcode system are: fire extinguishers, safety showers, eye wash stations, dike containment inspections, fire system valves, AED’s, emergency lights, exit signs, fire doors and more.
  • Our inspections are guided by written procedures that we create and review with you, based on NFPA 10 and 101 code requirements. At the completion of every round of inspections, we will provide a report that details issues found during the inspection that need to be corrected.
  • Our barcode system maintains a history of inspections completed, along with inventory by equipment type. It can also track where your equipment is located.
  • Other services we can provide are site safety tours, emergency response planning, site safety personnel and training.

We are ready to design a safety program that will work for you.


  • We can assess your existing LOTO system and provide suggestions to better manage these procedures.
  • We can tour your facility to review existing procedures for accuracy and update procedures where necessary. We work with your facility engineers to create LOTO procedures for all new and replacement equipment.
  • Weather-resistant and easy to follow placards can be created and mounted near each system, allowing maintenance staff to properly lock out equipment. These placards can be designed to have pictures integrated into the procedure. These pictures would capture each energy source to ensure compliance with the procedure. See our sample here.
  • Customize a solution to maintain your facility’s LOTO procedures. This will provide assurance new equipment will have procedures created, changes to systems will have procedures modified, and obsolete and removed equipment will have procedures retired.

We are ready to help you get control of your LOTO procedure system.


  • We can administer your system to provide consistency in line with your business requirements.
  • We develop and implement custom applications based on your requirements.
  • We work with you to address areas where gaps, if any, exist between the data you have and the data you require.
  • Where data migration is required, we implement a controlled process, with quality oversight, to ensure all data is migrated successfully.
  • We train your personnel as needed to use the system as required.
  • Services we have provided include: Barcode Systems, Data Migration, System Administration, Metrics Development, Application Development & more.


  • We will document your high-level business problem/opportunity, which will drive the technical solution.
  • We will assess the project from a scope, risk, and governing perspective. A set of plans with business requirements will be produced, providing us guidance while developing and supplying the technical solution.
  • We will design a solution that fulfills the business requirements, and then develop, build, integrate, and test the components of the final solution.
  • We will confirm that all business requirements have been satisfied via formal testing, establish appropriate governing procedures, and ensure the technical solution has been installed properly in your live environment.
  • We can train our personnel on governing procedures and minimum requirements needed to manage, run, and operate the technical solution.

We are ready to find a solution that works for you!


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